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This YouTube Page goes well beyond the initiative to add Western Civilization to the High School Graduation Requirements of Idaho schools. It shows the development of some of my ideas from the summer of A. D. 2012 through the present, warts and all (and there are plenty of warts).

There are three types of videos posted at my YouTube page. The first ate listed as INS in the title, and represent the developing insights of my Conservative self. In other words, my fallible notions on the politics of the day. These ideas are snapshots of a specific moment and circumstance; my ideas change. For example, I opposed the Trump candidacy in the 2016 election, and then I recanted my opposition once I saw how President Trump governed.

The second type of videos are listed as HIS in the title, and reflect video versions of classroom lessons I have taught my students. Thusfar, the centerpiece of these are a thirty video set of lessons on the historical background to the Islamist Terrorist atrocities of September 11, 2001. Ranging from the Prophet Abraham through the date of recording in 2013, these serve as an overture to the history of civilization which I teach in so many of my courses.

The third type of videos are listed as EDU, and express some of my thoughts on restoring sanity to Education. Some of these videos deal with the initiative regarding adding Western Civilization as a requirement to graduate from Idaho High Schools. However, they are by no means limited to this initiative, and range into related topics such as the decline and fall of College and University education in the United States and beyond.

If you are looking for reasons to reject my pleas to personally consider your own thoughts on this initiative to Restore the West, no doubt you will find something that I say over the years on YouTube to be objectionable. However, I do not claim to be a paragon of rectitude. I am not asking for anything more than for each person to consider whether a deeper understanding of the Western tradition would help Americans and America. I hope that, even as we may agree or disagree with one another on other issues, you will seriously consider the issue of adding the History of Western Civilization to High School Graduation Requirements on its own merits. Come to your own conclusions, and then act on the basis of your unique convictions. That is, after all, what our Constitutional freedoms are all about.

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I am a veteran public school High School History Teacher, specializing in the history of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Western Civilization. Generations ago, Americans erroneously removed Western Civilization requirements from the High School curriculum. Here and elsewhere, I am trying to restore the teaching of this essential heritage to young Americans. I invite you to join me in this effort! In fact, without the efforts and talents of others, this initiative will surely fail.

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