Pachyderms Speech: August 16, 2019

Speech to the North Idaho Pachyderms Club, a Conservative group interested in preserving the Western tradition in American society.

In this address, I explain the distinct heritage of the West and its precious legacy which is our freedom.  I advocate a transformation of Idaho’s High School Graduation requirements.  Specifically, I recommend the following program of required study:

9th Grade:  Ancient & Medieval History (the West before AD 1492)

10th Grade:  Modern European History (the West after AD 1492)

11th Grade:  U. S. History I (Pre-Columbian era to AD 1898)

12th Grade:  U. S. History II (Spanish-American War through Now)

Current Civics, U. S. Government & politics, and Economics requirements would be taught within the four History Courses.

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I am a veteran public school High School History Teacher, specializing in the history of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Western Civilization. Generations ago, Americans erroneously removed Western Civilization requirements from the High School curriculum. Here and elsewhere, I am trying to restore the teaching of this essential heritage to young Americans. I invite you to join me in this effort! In fact, without the efforts and talents of others, this initiative will surely fail.

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