Address to 11-23-18 CdA Rotary

Here, linked below, is my address to the Coeur d’Alene Rotary advocating the inclusion of Western Civilization in our Local School District’s High School Graduation Requirements.  Please be welcome to view this, consider the matter, offer any insights, and maybe just make this a concern of yours.

Ralph K. Ginorio 107-EDU: Rotary Speech on Western Civilization

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I am a veteran public school High School History Teacher, specializing in the history of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Western Civilization. Generations ago, Americans erroneously removed Western Civilization requirements from the High School curriculum. Here and elsewhere, I am trying to restore the teaching of this essential heritage to young Americans. I invite you to join me in this effort! In fact, without the efforts and talents of others, this initiative will surely fail.

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