005: What History does Idaho now require?


While each School District determines the details of its own courses and curricula, all must meet or exceed the Idaho Content Standards in Social Studies.  Here are the courses listed in these standards.



Grades 6-9:

Western Hemisphere Geography

Eastern Hemisphere Geography

World History & Civilization


Grades 6-12:

United States History I


Grades 9-12:

United States History II

American Government



In these standards, there is a category that must be addressed in each course, Standard 5:  Global Perspectives.  This requires all courses to demonstrate that they, “… build an understanding of multiple perspectives and global interdependence”.


However, there is no such thing as a “Global Citizen”.  Our students should be trained as American Citizens.  The basic duty of all Education is to pass on intact the culture from one generation to the next.  To the extent that a coherent study of our own Western Civilization is not taught, our schools fail in this basic duty of acculturation.

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I am a veteran public school High School History Teacher, specializing in the history of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Western Civilization. Generations ago, Americans erroneously removed Western Civilization requirements from the High School curriculum. Here and elsewhere, I am trying to restore the teaching of this essential heritage to young Americans. I invite you to join me in this effort! In fact, without the efforts and talents of others, this initiative will surely fail.

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